You could put your verification ID in a comment Or, in its own meta tag


What does this mean?

Previously you needed to get 25 “likes” before you could claim a vanity url.  So you created a page and it would look like this*4#&re ? until you got 25 people to “like” your page.

After you got 25 “likes” then you could rename your page so it looked like this

Not sure why it was ever done this way, except to say it may have stopped people taking names of which they have no intention of ever using.

To get started with your facebook page go to and create your page for free.


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Jason Rudland

19. Sep, 2011

Back when likes were fans you needed 100 fans to get the vanity url and access to the expanded ‘insights.’ Both are really important for using Facebook for business, but also a neat trick is to re-face your profile.

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